Ideas For Honoring Your Loved One

    • Create a scrapbook with recent photos if you don’t already do this.
    • Write your favorite memories in and around the photos and funny, sweet comments your loved one used to make. This can be a smaller, pocket-sized book or something larger.
    • Find your favorite photo of your loved one and have it enlarged and treated like a painting (using a filter) and then hang it in a spot that lets you enjoy it every day. Or do a series of 6-8 smaller 12” squares and arrange them together in a space that showcases a variety of glimpses into that person’s life.
    • Start a BLOG and write about the person you loved and tell stories about them. Be sure to include photos as well. This is a great way to document your past for future generations and one of the best ideas for honoring your loved one in addition to getting your feelings out and in print.
    • Make a quilt from your loved one’s clothing or ask a friend to help do this. Gather up t-shirts, jeans, dress shirts…and make them into a piece that you will enjoy with hanging on the wall or covering yourself with when you need some extra comfort.
    • Make t-shirt scarf. There are a variety of ways to cut up a t-shirt and enjoy it as a scarf. Here is a link to some ideas on how to create your own. 
    • Order some Memorial Jewelry. You can even use your loved one’s handwriting if you have a sample.
    • Use their ashes in a special piece designed for this. Or make some beads for a necklace out of the funeral flowers.
    • Create a Memorial Shadowbox with photos and keepsakes with special meaning.
    • Create Thank You Cards with your loved one’s photo on them.
    • Create a photo candle with their name and a favorite quote.
    • Plant a tree in honor of your loved one and add a plaque with their name in the surrounding mulch.
    • Create a shirt pillow from one of their favorite shirts.