ANCHOR for Life -Suicide Prevention and Resiliency for Students

Suicide Prevention and Resiliency for Students

Developed by Paige Van Meter Sturgeon, the ANCHOR for Life Program is designed to give schools the ability to provide suicide awareness and prevention while also strengthening the resiliency of students. She has a Master’s degree in Counseling from Western Seminary. In her life journey, she has helped adolescents and adults in New England and the Pacific Northwest before returning to her home state of Kentucky. She has a passion for helping people cope better with the Grief and Loss in their lives.


GRIP - Grief Response Impact Program

The Grief Response Impact Program or G.R.I.P. was developed primarily for first responders to help them better understand what grief feels like, why compassion matters and to also provide self-care techniques. We know that first responders often experience some of the most horrendous situations when dealing with accidents, and intentional acts of violence, often leading to death. And sometimes they say and do things that have a lasting impact on the people most affected by the death of a loved one. Through the use of video, we demonstrate that impact and a better way to deliver the unthinkable news. This program can be adapted to other audiences such as physicians, nurses, HR professionals and others. For more information, contact Lisa Schardein: (502) 791-9938.

Art Therapy Program

This eight-week course is designed to help you process your grief through the expression of art. This class does not require you to have any artistic ability. And it is not an arts and crafts class. It is about diving deeper into the feelings of grief and sharing those feelings in a safe and confidential space with others who also find themselves on this journey. Research has found that traumatic memories are stored in the right hemisphere of the brain. Speech is located in the left. Because art is a right-brain activity, it is often easier for those suffering from PTSD-like symptoms, or intense grief, to draw about their trauma. Led by a licensed art therapist, all materials are provided and the course costs $50. For more information contact Lisa Schardein: (502) 791-9938.

Strands of Hope - Prayer Shawl Ministry

We believe in the power of prayer and many of our clients and volunteers sign up for a monthly class on creating prayer shawls. These beautiful creations help to provide comfort for people who are suffering the loss of a loved one. We also gladly accept donated skeins of blanket yarn (a little thicker style yarn) and need at minimum 3 skeins of each color.

If you would like to participate in this important ministry, please reach out to Karen Buchanan: (502) 791-9938. If you have blanket yarn to donate, please arrange for a time to drop off by calling that same number.

Strides 4 Healing logo


Strides for healing is a seven-week interactive program to help guide people who are grieving through their grief journey. Each week there will be questions, exercises, videos and healing tips to help people navigate their loss. During week one we determine where someone is on their journey. Week two, we help determine where they’re going. In the subsequent weeks we help people figure out what they need for their journey, how to prepare for emotional weather conditions, what they need to leave behind, and what they’ll find at the end of their journey.
For more information, please contact Karen Buchanan: (502) 791-9938.