Step Out

After the loss of my husband, I was struggling on several levels. One struggle in particular kept nagging at me…”Do I take on another job to help with the finances?” I sold our family home and moved into a new charming neighborhood. A YMCA was being built within walking distance of my home and they were looking for new part-time employees. I questioned myself over and over again.. “Do I have the emotional, mental and physical stamina to take on another part time job? Also, “I’m 52 years old! I haven’t been interviewed for a job in 30 years.” I was stepping out of my comfort zone, but then I was living a life out of my comfort zone now. I walked into the interview with three other people I didn’t know and we were interviewed together. We had so much fun…laughing! The four of us decided if we all didn’t get hired we would go somewhere else. We were hired and have kept up with each other over the years.

My lesson: Stepping out of my comfort zone after a tragic loss can help you grow in ways you never see coming.

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