The Death of Dreams

One of the most harsh realities we might come to when someone we love dies, is understanding that what we hoped and planned for the future is gone, too!  We lose their input into our lives, and their unique take on things.  Especially if it’s a child that has been taken, the hopes and dreams of them finishing school, achieving career goals, marriage, children, are all slaps in the face of a parent burdened with child loss. It is so unnatural. 

But of course, if a friend, spouse, or sibling dies, dashed hopes and aspirations can absolutely be present—maybe that big road trip you planned together, or starting a business, or retirement escapades. What are we to do, when the person we made these plans with is gone?

We need to allow ourselves to not only grieve the loss of that person, but also the hopes and dreams for the future. Even when we do grant ourselves that time of grief, we still may, from time to time, stop and contemplate what might have been. And it will hurt…and we will be angry and sad. The regret may linger, but with time, the episodes will usually grow shorter.  

Let’s encourage one another to lean into our source of a FOREVER future, of our hope, and believe that our dreams  will one day become reality!  

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