A Dark Time

As the wind howled and the ice pellets rained down on the house, I knew losing power was inevitable. I was right—two hours later, everything shut off. No fridge condenser humming, no television program blaring, all lights, inside and outside, DARK, bringing total darkness to our small house. And that feeling of fear and dread began…and in a dark time, the eye begins to see…

What’s the first thing we do when darkness pervades our surroundings?  We look for light—even just a sliver of it, or a glow from SOMEWHERE!  Under a door, out the window to see if anyone might be driving by, or if the moon or stars are visible. Our eyes begin to adjust somewhat. We find the candles, strike a match, and voila!  

Let there be light! 

The suffering we endure when our beloved left is similar to the search for light in the darkness. No, we didn’t ask for it, and in time, just as our eyes begin to adjust and see things we haven’t before, so it can be when the darkness of grief is cast upon us. Can it be possible this horrible event in our lives can bring about something good?  Something that causes us to be a bit wiser, a little more compassionate toward others, and develop a better sense of what truly is important?  It is up to us…

How incredible, the power the presence of light has on us. 

Our loved one isn’t here this holiday season—it may be the first, fifth, or the fortieth one for you. It doesn’t matter how recently or long ago it has been. The scar of the loss is tender, and the lack of their light in this world is a grief we now live with. But even as we wrestle with this grief, there can be blessings. I know it’s hard to comprehend—how can the death of my beloved possibly be for good, in any way?  I can’t answer that exactly, because the Creator is the One in charge.  I still ask this question. We do have the opportunity to stand with others, fresh in their grief, and guide them in their dark time. We can unite and bond in ways we cannot with others. 

What an honor. 

What a tragedy. 

What an amazing God who can, with our willingness, turn darkness into light and hope! If you need help, a match to strike in the dark night, please reach out to us. We are here for you, dear friend in grief. 

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