Bonus, Bonus, Bonus, Bonus

As Richard and I began to talk about sharing the rest of our lives together, we needed a heart check. I needed to be sure I was ready to be supportive of his four children and he supportive of my two. We knew family was equally at the top of our lists of priorities, no question. I spent three years getting to know his children and realized what a blessing they would be in my life and my family’s lives. I accepted his marriage proposal one beautiful evening. The decision was made.. We would become one big family supporting each other through life’s joys and challenges.

Quickly, there was a clear understanding that I am called “Bonus Mom” and never to be called a stepmother. I now have one bonus daughter, three bonus sons, three significant other inlaws, and presently three truly adorable bonus granddaughters. All of these blessings happened because I took the risk to love again. It has been an amazing journey with my new husband. We are walking through life together enjoying all the children’s experiences and finding our hearts overflowing with joy and love!

Lesson learned: Don’t be surprised if love crosses your path. Reach out and grab it!

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