When It Was A Complicated Relationship

When our loved one dies, we usually start thinking of all their good attributes, and recall the sweet memories we’ve shared with them. What do we do with the bad memories, though? What if there are lots of regrets and guilt, or what if they were just not a nice person most of the time? What if that person hurt you?  When a person you have had a complicated relationship with dies, the emotions are even more confusing.  A eulogy of praise and admiration can easily become a chore of confusing feelings that have never been dealt with.  And now it’s too late… 

How we choose to handle this may shape future relationships, and be a precursor for our own sanity. It is with humble concern and loving care that I encourage you to believe that, no matter how it happened, no matter what words were left unsaid, or deeds left undone, it is best to be willing to accept the possibility that things have happened just as they were supposed to happen. 

There is a Higher Power whose plans are much greater than ours. Those plans are somehow, some way, for our good. Such a hard pill to swallow; but as the years fly by, it becomes more apparent to me that I have never, nor have I ever had, any control over this mysterious life.

The article below is a very relatable testimonial that might help you, too. 


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