Come To Our Senses

Most of us have been given five senses with which to use on a daily basis. At times, they can be the foundation of triggers that may be pleasant, or perhaps uncomfortable.  Smells, sounds, tastes, the feeling of an item, and visual reminders are powerful tools. 

Have you been in a crowd and suddenly recognize the smell of the cologne your Dad used to wear, and find your face turning into a smile at the thought of him? Or perhaps the blueberry muffin you grabbed at the pastry shop to have alongside your coffee triggered a memory of your grandma, baking in the kitchen and singing. Or maybe you hear a song on the radio from your wedding reception…or when the sun begins to set, a vivid thought of one you shared with your beloved comes to the forefront of your mind.  

The memories aren’t always friendly remembrances though, are they?  I know that there are distinct smells that are unpleasant. Nursing homes and hospitals have distinct smells and sights we don’t often forget and aren’t usually markers of pleasantness. Maybe even a post you barely caught a glimpse of on social media while you were scrolling had a wrecked vehicle or an ambulance pictured—this absolutely would bring back a flood of awful thoughts for some of us! 

Regardless of what each sense reminds us of, it is an incredible science;  that we were made with the ability to transport across time and space in our minds, just because of one of these incredible sensory reminders. 

This article is an interesting follow up to this thought.  If you feel at ease, please share below some sensory triggers you have experienced that remind you of your person that is gone…whether good or bad. It may help to just talk about it. And remember that we at FHGR are always here to support you!

Feel the need to share? 

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