A Prayer For Sleep


What is that, you may ask?  LOL 

It’s one of those words that sounds sillier each time you repeat it…try it 😆

It’s really not that funny, is it—to not be able to sleep well. I think ever since my eldest was born, my slumber has been less than ideal. And now, besides physical aches and pains, my brain is often wide open with thoughts of my son who is no longer here. I try to avoid going to that sad place at bedtime, because it is often a time when our minds can become consumed with cares of the day, too—money woes, not getting a project done, stress at work or school.  

I don’t know if my sleep will ever be as peaceful as when I was a child, but this prayer for sleep has helped calm my racing, sad thoughts. I hope you will use it, too!  

A Prayer For When You Can’t Sleep 

Father God,

I know you understand when thoughts swirl around in my head and sleep will not come. 

I ask you to calm my troubled spirit as I remember how much You love me. 

You are my refuge and strength. 

You are my hope. 

I cast all my cares into Your hands, knowing they are safe with You and You will work on my behalf. 

I exchange my anxious thoughts for Your perfect peace. 

I ask for wisdom for any choices I must make in the morning.

I thank You, Father, that You will never waste any pain or losses I face. 

You are near when my heart breaks and I weep upon my bed. 

What a comfort it is to know that You never sleep. 

You are constantly ready and willing to hear my prayers and come to my aid. Thank You for the promise of Your presence as I sleep in faith and peace tonight.

In Jesus’ name,


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