A Dose of Sorrow?

Time is a strange thing—an irreversible continuum at whose mercy we live and breathe.  Days can seem like just moments, and hours like weeks. At no time is this vexing concept that bounces between the two more true than when we experience difficulties and trials in life. 

We awaken to face yet another day without our beloved, and the awful truth crushes us like ton of bricks. 

They are gone. 

Early in our grief journey, this blow to our heart and soul seems unbearable—how can we possibly go on one more moment without them, with so much life and time stretched ahead of us?  How can we make memories and celebrate life, the months and years, when they are not here to share with us? As we travel this path, taking scheduled time for grieving might be helpful. It’s referred to as “grief dosing,” or allowing ourselves specific, set aside time in our day to mourn for our loved one.  Perhaps it is a quiet, meditative process, or maybe it is full-fledged weeping and screaming!  It could also be a collection of pleasant memories, too—recalling the very best of times. Appointing fifteen minutes or half an hour to mourn the would-be future, our great love for them, and then moving on with our day, might aid in keeping our weary hearts from being inundated so heavily.  But, we cannot always control those triggers that allow the floodgates of sorrow to open wide and loud, can we?  This practice may be of use to aid in the process…now or in the future.  The following article may help further —and know that we at FHGR are here to listen and walk with you. 

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