Heaven Holds My Heart

Today I had to pause and just watch the clouds for a bit….they are reminding me that beyond those clouds, past the galaxy, somewhere, is Heaven, and it holds a piece of my heart and soul that are no longer with me, that cannot be filled by or satisfied by anything else on earth. 

Yes, God comforts me and walks down this hard road with me; and I love Him, and He has and always will be my compass.  But the void inside won’t let up. 

It is ok to miss our beloved one and to grieve.  It’s ok…the longing only proves this world is NOT my home, and that reunion with Christ, and my son, my parents, my brother and sister, and all my kin, is what our hearts and souls truly long for. 

It’s ok, because this is not where I belong.  

It is NOT my home…

Enjoy this song by Casting Crowns—such truth and encouragement. Please let us know how we can help you on this hard road. 

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