Do The Right Thing

When someone in our life is going through a crisis or trial, we WANT to do the right thing—we want to be that beacon of light, and to help in the very best way possible.  

We are human—we might utter words in the heat of the moment, with no real plan. We get busy. We even forget well-intentioned promises.  We might even wonder what we’ve gotten ourselves into!  

How can we break the cycle of empty promises?  

We begin with our words—consider and think before we speak…

Instead of saying:

“Let me know if I can do anything for you…

Call if you need anything…” 

What we need is for you wonderful, servant-hearted people to say:

• I’m going to do this or that (do laundry, clean your kitchen, take the kids out for the day)—would Tuesday or Thursday be better?  

I have a meal to drop off—is 5:00 or 6:00 better?

• I have doordash bringing Taco Bell for lunch. 

• Send me a list of groceries for the week ahead.  

• I’m going to Costco—what can I pick up for you?

You get the idea!  

Second, we have to be ready to follow through with what we’ve said. Don’t over commit—figure out what you can do, put it on the calendar, and stick with it.  We need to be reliable. 

When you and I are in these crisis modes, all we can think about is getting through the next hour!  And if you are like me, it’s hard to accept charity and allow people to come into your dirty, messed up house!  

I am a proud, stubborn Country girl—I should be able to handle it.  I should be able to manage life, even though it’s falling apart, right? 😏 

But we can’t. 

We need each other, and on occasion, we need to do even more than what we consider “enough.”  And we have to be the kind of person who follows up—a person who doesn’t just give lip service, but acts, with love, and with good timing! 

Please share this with others—bookmark it. We will one day be more about serving rather than being the receiver of the service. The path will shift, and we will be ready to offer some part of our broken selves again, and hopefully cast the Light of hope in the lives of those around us. 

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