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I began working at First Hour Grief Response several months ago and am learning so much about grief and its’ many faces.  It is impossible to describe it unless you’ve been through it…but as I watch and listen, it is clear that people are lost without connection.   When I describe what I do to my family and friends, some are uncomfortable – because most people don’t want to talk about grief and loss. What I’ve seen, however,  is that because we’re talking it, many hurting people are being helped…and are hopefully beginning to heal. So many carry this heaviness called grief on their shoulders each and every day.  Grief is everywhere, but so is hope.

Lisa and Karen have suffered paralyzing losses and now I am watching them use their gifts to help people who are going through what is possibly the worst days of their lives.  Since the inception of FHGR, Inc, many conversations have been started …conversations about grief, loss, hope and healing.

I’ve learned that talking about grief and telling your story could be the most powerful tool of all.  I have noticed people who have come into our office for.advice and mentoring. When they arrive, they show physical signs of pain and hurt.  Then, after they have had a chance to sit down and tell their story, their physical appearance changes, their posturing is different, their expression and body language change.  

If you know someone who is grieving a loss, reach out gently.  Don’t be offended if you do not get a response at first. Be patient…it’s a journey.  Feeling uncomfortable about talking to someone who has had a loss is normal and I think we try to find a shelf in our brains to place our discomfort because we don’t know what to say.  We make it okay by telling ourselves that his or her grief belongs them, not us. That just turns into ignoring their loss because we don’t want to “bring them down”. What I have learned is that sometimes silence is okay.  Other times, talk about their loved one to them. And remember to listen, just listen.

I feel very blessed to do the work that I do.

Beth M.

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If you would like to share your story on our blog or privately with one of our grief counselors, please submit it to us through the Contact page.

*If you would like your story shared publicly on our blog, please omit, or replace names of person’s that have not consented to their name being used. With your permission and upon review, we will do what we can to share as many people’s stories as possible. 

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