Grief’s Impact on Relationships

There are few things more damaging to a relationship than the death of someone very close to us. Our brains literally go into shock, causing a physical shift that we really can’t control. We might behave very differently than our normal self, and this is scary and distressing for friends and family members.  Grief’s impact on relationships can go in any direction. 

I’ve witnessed a whole array of emotions in myself, and it absolutely has put a strain on my marriage, as well as the relationships with my children, siblings, and friends. In my case, I feel I’ve distanced myself from loved ones, rather than reached out for help. I think one reason for this is the fear that something else bad is going to happen, and that maybe I’ll spare myself the added pain and suffering if I just keep my loved ones at a distance.  Maybe it’s because I fear they will not meet my expectations. This, of course, has probably not been the best method of dealing with fresh grief.  Life is a classroom, isn’t it?  We shouldn’t fault ourselves or each other, because we don’t know, until we know…

But hopefully, with resources at our fingertips and an awakening of humanity to the reality of grief and its place in everyday life, we can all do much better.  

Although we usually move through these stages at different paces and in varied ways, we can be somewhat prepared for the onslaught of change that death forces on our human souls.  

Share information. Don’t be afraid to talk about your grief and death. 

Share links and videos when appropriate. 

We are always here to help and be an advocate for the grieving. Call the number on the home page of this website, or fill in the contact info. 

The following website gives some additional insight that will help us all be better prepared when grief strikes, and hopefully strengthen, rather than tear apart, the precious relationships we possess. 

The Impact of Grief on Relationships – Opening the Doors Psychotherapy

Feel the need to share? 

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