The Regular Good Cry

There are times when I have to hurt.  

I MUST succumb to a good cry. 

It can’t be helped.  

No matter how valiant and strong I want to be, some days, it just won’t be contained, this grief. 

I let the tears flow. 

I let the screams I hold in, finally escape my lips. 

I give in to the moments when the veil isn’t going to cover the angst I feel. 

I will allow that song to remind me of the life my beloved could have, should have, lived.  

I will be overcome with the reality—the reality that this really did happen. 

He really is gone. 

And I will sit with it, and replay all that occurred from that moment he was taken from me, allowing myself to wallow in the “what-if’s” and “if-only’s.”

The spell will pass. 

Reality and responsibility will snap me back into the here and now. 

But the here and now is bombarded with these moments of realization, that the dreaded, the unimaginable has happened. 

How can I endure this? 

I just do. I survive. 

Moment by moment.

It’s normal. 

It’s human.  

And if anyone says differently, they have not loved as you and I have, my friend in grief.  

If you need hard evidence that it’s ok, nay, NECESSARY to cry and grieve, check this article out, and know that we get it. 

We are here to weep with you.

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