Letting Others In

I love to read. I thank my dear mother, who passed away in 2008, for instilling that adoration in me. She would go to the library and check out at least ten books every week or so!  Her favorite genre were mysteries. My favorite author is Jan Karon, whose style is more faith-based fiction—something I need a little dose of in my daily life!  

I joined a Facebook group that reads the book series together, and then we discuss, on the page, what we’ve read thus far. This holiday season, one of the members had the idea of a gift exchange. I was a little apprehensive about buying things for a perfect stranger, but I crawled out of my shell and went for it. I was paired up with a lady who lives in Alabama, and I just received her last gift of three..a beautiful, glass-blown sun catcher. It has beautiful colors, and I admire the fact that it was made by a local artisan. 

But there’s more to the story than that… 

My new friend and I exchanged some personal info when we were paired up in November, in an effort to hopefully share objects that were meaningful, and of course, the most influential factor in my life now is the loss of my 24 year old son, in May, 2019. She took that information and had this piece made especially for me. 

I messaged her when I received it today. 
This is her reply:  “Okay so now I can tell you what I had in mind all along. When I told you something would be past, present and future. This one is all three. It should have blues in it. I believe you like the color blue for several reasons (I love it too). You lost much when you lost your son. It cut to the deepest place. Kind of like sun does as it crackles through light on a sun catcher. You have what it takes every single day to make it through the present and the future because of the Son that lives inside of you. That’s why I specifically wanted you to have this!”

I was speechless—her incredible insight into my heart, and just imagining what I am going through, all packaged into this stunning gift. 

I often think I’m on this journey, all alone, and that no one really understands, but I am shown, daily, that I need people and relationships.  

Please be encouraged to reach out to others when the shadows seem to overcome you, and little hope is found.  Grief can be a lonely, life altering journey, but it is somewhat less all-encompassing when we allow others in. There really are the kindest and best of souls wanting to walk with us, if we are willing to take that small step of faith.

Feel the need to share? 

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  1. Mary

    Beautiful- the gift and the writing!!😁

  2. Debra

    Thank you for sharing

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