Oh Brother

When I write, I occasionally am challenged with taking something that has already been talked about, over and over again, and making it something new and relevant. On this subject, the loss of siblings, I could not voice it better than the article at the end of this blog. I highly encourage you to read and absorb the wisdom she shares. 

Although the author, Melanie Desimone, is writing from a mom’s point of view, she has an incredible knack for putting feelings to pen and paper that few can, and has captured very well the hearts, lives, and challenges that siblings who are left behind might experience. I seriously can’t say it any better than she does!  

I know this because, not only am I a grieving mama, who is coming up on 2 years without my 24 year old son, but I am also a grieving sibling. Thirty-four years ago, my brother was murdered by his girlfriend when he was just 27 years old—I was 18 at the time, just about to graduate from high school. And added to this heart wrenching loss is the fact that she got away with it. 

The relationship between a brother and sister is unique, as most sibling bonds are.  Although he had a checkered, stress-inducing life, I still loved him, looked up to him, loved his beautiful face and smile, and wanted him to do well, make better choices…to LIVE.  

All these years later, the shock, pain, and grief are right there, brimming under the surface and are easily brought forth. And ironically, I find myself in my mothers shoes.  

I now understand her so much better.

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