Is It Possible To Suffer Well?

When tragedy strikes, we live under the assumption that we are the only ones who are (or have ever) endured such pain. It’s only natural—it’s happening to US, in this moment. Who could possibly be suffering more than I am right now? Is it possible to suffer well? 

History is peppered with stories of heartbreak and difficulty that prove we are not alone when it comes to suffering. Some live under the misnomer, in these days and times of such invention, modern medicine, and technology, that our lives should be free from disease, difficulty, and pain—nothing could be further from the truth. Sickness and sin and human depravity are alive and well—they gallop across the globe.  It will be this way till the end of time, and suffering WILL knock on everyone’s door at some time. 

Perhaps if we frame our suffering in a different way, we can live with more peace and joy. Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? But hear me out

If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, whether you have a relationship with Him, or maybe you think He was just a good person who did good things, He never taught that it was something to fight against. He said it was a reality that we carry together—not a problem to solve. 

Don’t get me wrong. I hate what you and I are going through, and to think that we should be happy or shouting hallelujah about it is foolish. But comfort does come in knowing that it will be rewarded some day, if we wear it as well as we can, and trust the One who holds our lives in His Hands. He does love us more than we can possibly imagine. 

Maybe you aren’t there yet—that’s ok. Some days, I still resist this path I’ve been chosen to take. Please don’t give up on the possibilities of blessings that could arise from what you are going through. 

The article below helped me realize that I can endure this heartache a bit easier when I realize that: 

1.  My suffering will result in an eternal gift I can’t comprehend yet. 

2.  God wants it to be the fire that proves and builds our faith in him. 

3.  We aren’t alone in our suffering, and it draws us closer to others—He will use us to care for others in meaningful ways. 

I would venture to say that He already is…

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