Don’t Let Go

“You need to let them go.” 

Has anyone had the audacity to say such a thing to you?  

What kind of statement is that?  

Let them go….

No, I don’t think I will, thank you very much! 

Perhaps the intention is well-meaning; to urge us to stop being so sad, and get back to “normal.”  


But anyone acquainted with heartache and sorrow knows it is a process, and life will never, ever be the same. 

For some, it seems moving forward is quicker and an easy decision to make. I have a friend whose wife of 35 years died of kidney disease, and he told me he was done with mourning—no more grief for him!  

I can’t say I have that mentality, or personality, or determination—whatever it is that has enabled him to shut that door.  

Perhaps, some day, way down the timeline, I can remember my beloved’s face and smile, be reminded of a memory through a song, and have only sweet remembrances, and few sorrows. 


But for now, the only thing I will “let go” is the expectations of others. 

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