We Are Not the Same

When the person we love so very much dies, one of the most helpful, freeing, things to remember, I believe, is to realize grief makes you think and behave differently. 

You are not the same person you were before. 

Concentration and focus have become such an effort for me!  

Things that might have seemed like common sense, easy decisions are now MONUMENTAL endeavors. 

One thing I struggled with immensely was letting go of my sons phone line. I ended up keeping it active for 17 months after his passing. You may think, “man, that’s a lot of wasted money! Why would you want to hold on to a material thing like that?”

Well, you see, not only did it have tons of pictures and memories on it, but it was the last thing he touched. 

He used it to call 911…he literally left this world with it in his hands.

This is why I couldn’t  let it go for so long. 

However you handle such things is your business, but it is just one example of the unusual things grief causes you to do.

Another thing that may seem odd to some is that I turn on a small LED candle each night, and leave it on till morning. I gain a small bit of comfort as I use it to represent the light my son brought to this world, and how much I miss him!  

What are some things you have done, or decisions you’ve made, that only fellow grievers would understand?  Please feel at liberty to discuss in the comments.

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