Going back to school? Why not?

What next I asked myself once the sting of my life change softened. My children were basically grown and they didn’t need me 24/7. My husband was gone and all I had was time… What do I do now? I began a list.

  • Start a new sport? Take lessons?
  • Learn to play the piano? Guitar? Drums?
  • Ask a friend to take a cooking class with me?
  • Go to the movies and eat junk food. Laugh. Cry.
  • Plan an overnight at a hotel and explore a new area of town
  • Take yourself out to an amazing restaurant for dinner
  • Plan a weekend in a cabin in the woods when the leaves are changing or trees are budding
  • Plan an amazing trip where you have always wanted to go
  • Start journaling
  • Begin a blog
  • Take a painting class
  • Yoga? Pilates?
  • Get a trainer?
  • Take a class at the university
  • Be a Walmart Greeter
  • Volunteer on a regular basis for a non-profit
  • Get a paying part-time job
  • Learn to scuba dive for the next Caribbean trip
  • Knit baby hats for the pediatric hospital
  • Cook meals for meals on wheels
  • Volunteer at a food bank or homeless shelter
  • Plant a garden

The ideas are limitless!

Lesson learned: Think outside the box! Do it! Healing steps toward your purpose…

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