Book Review: Permission to Mourn

One of the many possible symptoms we can experience after the death of someone we love, is the inability to focus or concentrate like we used to! Before the death of my son, I could read books, do research on something that interested me, with no issues whatsoever. 

But now, I find myself struggling to comprehend even the simplest instructions, let alone have the ability to read a book from cover to cover, and really have to work much harder at understanding the meaning of some things. 

This is why I recommend Tom Zuba’s book, “Permission to Mourn: A New Way to Do Grief.”  Tom’s journey is peppered with loss:  his young daughter, his wife, and then a young son, all died within a 15 year span. He is well acquainted with all the emotions one might go through, and has shared his journey via his own unique style of writing. To me, it reads more like poetry—but the kind that you can completely relate to!  The entries are only a couple pages in length, and range from being new to grief, to yielding to the possibility of healing. Here is a sample: 

“We are mind body and spirit. Nothing is separate; all is connected. 

Consciously work on one aspect of yourself and you work on your whole self. 

The goal is to add one thing

one thing

to your day for the next week 

with the intention

 the goal

 the purpose of healing. 

Begin exactly where you are. 


Next week. 

Repeat. Over 

and over 

and over again. 

Commit to your own healing.” 

For me, the short, thought provoking punches of sentence, phrase, and words, is succinct and in tune with what I am capable of absorbing.  That is why it is my go-to and the book I have given to more than one person.  Tom also has a couple of “live” Facebook meetings a week. It may be something you would like to check out. Simply search “Tom Zuba teaches A New Way to Do Grief.”

And here’s the Amazon link for the book.  It is available on both kindle and paperback, and I’m certain it can be found through other book stores. 

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