Sitting on the Jet…Pause… Observe…

I’m sitting on a packed plane getting ready to leave town. A child behind me is screaming. Her mom is doing her best to console her. Most passengers have technology going on their laps. Some people have earbuds in their ears with eyes closed, escaping reality for a moment. An older couple is holding hands. Another mom speaks into her cell phone stating that the towels are in the dryer. A gentleman is actually reading a “paper” newspaper. Strangers have now begun chatting with each other and relating about life.
A young man chose to sit with the crying child because he is an uncle and often babysits his nephew he mentions to the mom. Extra smiles are coming from the flight attendants because it is Passenger Appreciation Day. The plane begins to move down the tarmack and picking up speed quickly. We are going faster and faster, then lift off. The engines are so loud and getting louder. They are drowning out all the chatter. All heads and bodies are forced strongly against the headrest and seat. A force we can’t see but feel. The force has interrupted our lives for a few moments. The baby stopped crying. People have stopped talking and are waiting for things to calm down…


My mind goes to grief. Our loss has interrupted life as we knew it. The grief force is so huge, like a weight pressing hard on my body, mind and heart. I feel it but I can’t see it.


The plane began to level off and our heads and bodies are slowly released from the headrest and seat. Heads begin bobbing in different directions and voices return. Conversations begin again. Eyes close again and minds wander off. Life came back to normalcy.


Lesson learned: Grief will release you. It takes time, hard work and prayer. Mending your heart, body and mind can happen.

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  1. Gary A Ress

    Beautifully written Karen. i will try to think of that story the next time grief overwhelms me….as I know it will. Thanks for your efforts!

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