We CAN Know!

There are days that my faith is light (practically nonexistent, if I’m honest) and I have doubts about God, eternity, and whether it all truly is REAL, and if He IS, whether He loves me.  I hope that isn’t shocking—I have to believe we are all human enough to have these weighty doubts from time to time. 

Since the death of my eldest son, the spiritual battle has been raging, and at times,  I wonder if he is really in Heaven, at peace and struggling no longer. My faith in Christ, according to what the Bible says, confirms that if we call upon the Lord, we will be saved. My son made this profession of faith in Jesus at age 11. He strove to follow God’s commands, obey when the Holy Spirit spoke, and to love God with all his heart, and love others and to do good. But like most of us, he strayed from time to time, spending a season of sowing his wild oats, so to speak, but always found his way back to the One who loved him unconditionally. When he left for Heaven, there were things going on that were less than ideal, and his choices were not always balanced, but I DO know his heart beat for Jesus. 

Yet the doubts come sometimes. I shouldn’t borrow this worry. No one knows the heart, except the Creator, and once we make the decision to trust Jesus as Savior, we are SEALED until the day of redemption. 

I have attached an article from a friend that has helped ease my mind and heart immensely. It is loaded with affirming Scripture, and I am finding that the best way to relieve my agonizing soul is to remind myself daily of His promises. 

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