What’s in a monogram?

Several years before my husband passed away, I took gift items to a sweet little shop to have them monogrammed. One of the owners (I’ll use the name Libby for this blog) and I hit it off immediately. Her work was excellent, but the stories and laughter we shared were the most memorable! I didn’t know Libby well, but we enjoyed our visits…

Fast forward a few years later…. I was greeting consolers at the visitation for my husband when out of the blue, Libby walked up and gave me a hug. I remember she whispered, “ When you get out of bed and ready to get out of the house.. call me.” It was months later when I called her. Libby said,”I arrive to work at 6am, come see me..” So I did!

I remember that I would arrive in the very early hours of the morning, sit on a little chair and slowly begin sharing and crying. Sometimes she would stop her work, give me a hug, and share some tears with me. But, I would leave when she was ready to open the shop for store hours. Slowly but surely, I began to help her. I’d clean, steam, bag, shelve the items for the customers. Eventually, I began answering the phone and greeting the public. Before I knew it, I was keeping regular store hours. Who would have ever known that years before my loss, I went to a place where laughter and stories connected the two of us and that connection would become a vital lifeline for me. A person that I didn’t really know opened up her heart, took the time to care and helped me take the baby steps needed to move forward with my life.. Thank you Libby. Forever…

My lesson: Look around… the connections you are making today may be your lifeline or maybe you will be their’s..

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