The Big “D” Word….

When are you going to be ready to date? I thought about the big “D” word often before I truly decided to do something about it. Just the thought about being on my “A” game to meet another man overwhelmed me, so I put the thought back into a box and shelved it.

I’d asked if I was ready to take on their baggage and share my own? I was getting into a routine of being just okay with walking into an empty house daily, waking up alone every morning, traveling alone, making decisions alone, etc. I’d bring the box out again, but then stop.

The thought of holding another man’s hand, hugging another man, a kiss… no way! I wasn’t ready, so I shelved the box again. I began making friendships with single women doing single things which filled up the lonely hours and brought some joy and laughter into my life again. But, something was still missing. I brought the box down off the shelf, opened it up to new possibilities.

I decided to try an online dating site to meet a new person and maybe make a new male friend. Years after I lost my husband, I finally took the chance, the risk, to maybe find love again! Richard was my first online match date and three years later, we married!

Lesson learned: Take the the box, the heart, to new possibilities!

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